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Grown Woman.

A few weeks ago someone close to me remarked on my book collection. "You have all these books about sex! You need to read books about relationships. But of course; it figures you would have books about sex."
Now it wasn't only what this person said that had me damn near losing my religion on their butts, it was also how they said it. What ushered the words from their lips to my ears was a tone riddled with judgement and self righteousness, coming from a face stained with disgust.
I did the only thing I knew how to stop myself from tearing this person a new one. I took a deep breath, said a prayer in my head, and burst...out...laughing! I don't think my reaction helped the situation much (as far as the other person was concerned), but it sure helped me feel better. 

As an outspoken woman who has been manipulated, exploited and abused sexually, I contend with a good share of judgements for my openness, candor and confidence. I am ridiculed for my comfort with my sensuali…

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