Victims Of Crimes Vigil

When I was asked to speak at the Passaic County Victims of Crimes Vigil, I was honored and excited. Not only would it be an opportunity to speak with other survivors of crime but it would give me a chance to continue to raise awareness on child molestation and domestic violence. I was told that the assistant prosecutor (the prosecutor who worked on my case against my father) would introduce me, and I was to speak for five to seven minutes. I thought: sure, no problem! The length of my name alone will count for two minutes, so I have nothing to worry about. Then four days before the event, I received another call saying that I was to speak for fifteen minutes! My stomach did a dive like an olympic swimmer off his board, because I couldn't imagine what I would talk about for fifteen minutes. Oh the pressure!

Well I didn't quite make it to 
fifteen minutes, but I hope that every minute I had the microphone in my hand, would be sixty seconds that a crime survivor could be touched positively.  

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