A Woman's Worth. Part 1

I am a feminist; I am a humanist; I am an egalitarian; I am an entrepreneur; I am an employee; I am an employer; I am a writer; I am a mother; I am a survivor; I am a daughter; I am a sister; I am a woman.

I have contemplated what position I want to portray to the public concerning my beliefs politically, religiously and otherwise. Then I thought; why does it matter? It really shouldn't because my experiences growing up effects every single one of us (directly and indirectly) no matter your race, color, income bracket, political position and yes; sex or gender. 

But of course, as someone who is in the process of publishing a book, I have to take these things into consideration when it comes to marketing. As a female in the public eye with a platform concerning sex, I have to consider how I dress, what I say, how my own sexuality is received etc; if I want my message to get across. I call this the necessary evils of consumerism. But, God help me, I will stay true to myself, the cause and by all means maintain my integrity. 

Amidst the many hat's that I wear, professional consumer is one of them. I love fashion, movies, fine dining, music and technology. I can tell you when Christian Louboutins are going on sale, and which "Italian" designer handbags are really made in china. I utilize Ebates on most of my online purchases for cash back benefits, and I was a member of GILT and Ideeli before the websites even launched.  

It was through my automatic repeat of Beyonce's new album 'Beyonce', playing on my iPad Mini, connected via bluetooth to my Big Jambox that I first heard of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. (Even in my consumer hat I still learn stuff)

She is a beautiful African author who happens to be born the same year as me, five days later. She is a feminist; a humanist; an egalitarian; a writer; a daughter; a friend and my new inspiration. 

Please enjoy and share your thoughts!

Be great!

('A Woman's Worth' will be a series of short posts on this blog during the month of February, acknowledging the awesome power of female. Please check back often.)

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